The Hebrew Alphabet -
The Letter Kuf (ק)


The Letter Kuf (ק)

The letter ק (kuf) also represents two opposite concepts. On the one hand, worlds of spiritual heights, and on the other hand, the most physical, materialistic elements.

The numerical value of the letter ק is 100. This number represents completeness and perfection, and therefore someone who has this letter in their name strives for perfection. Someone who has the letter kuf in their name is a person who has the ability of control over their life. They are a person who knows how to control their desires, and has strong self-discipline. They are someone with high standards, and they expect those around them to live up to these standards. Of course this is a difficult trait that can sometimes cause unwanted friction.

The letter ק is the first letter of the word קְדוּשָׁה (kdushaholiness, and it therefore represents holiness. The numerical value of the letter’s name קוּף (kuf) is the same as the value of the word מָקוֹם (makom) which refers to the Almighty. (קוּף = 100+10+80=190 & מָקוֹם = 40+100+10+40=190).

People, who have the capacity for speech, are considered the highest level of creation. The levels of creation in descending order are said to be:
living, speaking creatures (humans);
non-speaking, living creatures (animals);
and inanimate objects.

The name of the letter קוּף (kuf) looks also like the word קוֹף (kofmonkey. The monkey is a living creature who doesn’t speak, which is a lower level than a person. Therefore, in contrast to the holiness we discussed earlier, this letter also represents a type of animalism. So people with a ק in their name have to work on making sure their holy spark overcomes their animalistic tendency.

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