The Hebrew Alphabet -
The Letter Samech (ס)


The Letter Samech (ס)

The letter ס is closed on all sides. This is something that expresses the letter’s essence – something that has no beginning and no end. It also looks like a fortified wall, which protects and gives a feeling of security. It is interesting to note that the number of letters in the special priestly blessing is – 60, which is also the numerical value of the letter samech. Some scholars say this is to show that the priestly blessing encircles and protects the Jewish nation.

There are a number of different Hebrew words that start with the letter ס:

סוֹד (sohdsecret

סָגוּר (sagurclosed

סָבִיב (savivaround

סִיבוּב (sivuvrotationcircuit

They all represent things that are enclosed or encircled.

On the other hand, the same way a wall protects things from the dangers on the outside, it also stops the development of whatever is within.

Someone who has the letter ס in their name is a person with a pleasant nature. He forgives easily and doesn’t stay angry. This person is also a sensitive person who says what he or she thinks. However, they don’t do this from a negative attitude or malice, but from a place of internal integrity.

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