Final Sale 2020

Come Celebrate Chanukah with Us!

Final Sale 2020

In honor of the Chanukah holiday, we at want to celebrate with you and make you happy.
Although we can’t send you jelly doughnuts,
we CAN give you a 20% discount on all our products!

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Among our products you can find:

Bereshit Newspaper- Cover 2020

Bereshit Newspaper
An easy-Hebrew newspaper that includes Hebrew-English dictionaries, exercises and activities and (optional) audio reading of the articles.


Yanshuf Newspaper- Cover 2020

Yanshuf Newspaper 
Advanced-Hebrew newspaper that comes with an external glossary of words and (optional) audio reading of the articles.

Hebrew Starter's Packet cover

Hebrew Starter’s Packet 
Digital course for beginners to learn the Hebrew alphabet and important basic words.


Biblical Hebrew- Sample cover

Biblical Hebrew Magazine
Series of English books to help you understand and appreciate the real meaning of holy words in the Bible. Includes audio reading of the Hebrew texts.


Short Stories- cover

Sefer Sipurim 
Book of short stories in easy Hebrew. Includes audio tracks that reads the stories.


Hebrew-English conversation book cover

Conversation Book
Collection of conversations from daily life with dictionaries, audio tracks, and various articles.

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Coupon Code: Final Sale 2020

Wishing you a happy Chanukah – a week full of light, joy, and good health!
The HebrewToday Staff

Don’t miss out – this discount is valid for 8 days only
(until 18 December 2020).

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Test yourself - how well can you manage in Hebrew?

How do you read the name of the following letter?

Do you recognize all of the following letters?
א – ש – ד – ג – ץ – ף - ס

Which of the following letters is not a special "final letter"?

How do you read the following word?

Can you differentiate between the following words and do you know what each word means?
שֶׁמֶשׁ – שַׁמָשׁ

How do you read the following word?

Which of the following words is not plural?

Complete the sentence:
אני ________ את הספר על השולחן

The meaning of the Hebrew word שְׁלֵמִים is:

Complete the sentence:
אֲנִי אוֹהֶבֶת _________ יִשְׂרָאֵל.

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