Save Your Newspapers

Newspapers remain in the system for only two months and are then removed.
If you don’t want to loose these newspapers you can save them to your computer.

Download PDF

Use the PDF download icon on the side to download the newspaper
in PDF format (no audio).

Saving the newspaper in page turning format

Click on the download icon on the side of the page.
Choose the option “download offline version of ZIP format”.
Run the download (in some browsers you must click on an icon at the bottom of the page to begin the download). Once downloaded you will see a list of files.
Copy and paste (or if that’s not possible highlight and drag) them to a new folder you have created (best to label it with the newspaper issue #). To view the newspaper, click on “INDEX.html” and the newspaper will open in your browser.

Downloading the audio files:

If you want to download the audio and even copy them
to an audio device or disc, here’s what you do:

If you haven’t already, download the files as explained above.
Open the folder called “content”.
Then open the file called “audio”.
Here you will find all the audio files which you can save to disc
or download to other devices.

We hope you benefit from and enjoy the system.
Good luck,
HebrewToday Staff

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