Learn Nikud- The sound e

Learn about the Hebrew nikud.

The vowels and points system simplifies the reading of Hebrew. Unlike English, the vowels do not have to appear in the words in order to enable the reader to pronounce them correctly. Points and lines, which appear in, on and under the letters assist readers in pronouncing the words correctly. Beginners will find reading without the lines and dots almost impossible, however, will manage without them, once they practice and get the hang of it.

 צֵירֵי סָגוֹל, חָטַף-סָגוֹל, או שְּׁוָא בראש מילה =e


אֵ = צֵירֵי.  tzere

אֶ = סָגוֹל segol

אֱ = חָטַף-סָגוֹל chataf segol

All these symbols are pronounced “e”.

For example: the Hebrew word for mother is אֵם em.

Let’s practice.

These words contain the tzere and segol. Read them.

יֶלֶד –  – yeled  (boy)

שֶׁמֶשׁ –  – shemesh (sun)

סֵמֶל –  – semel (symbol)

עֶרֶב –   erev (evening)

גבר –   gever(man)

שלג –  – sheleg ( snow)

2) The words below do not have lines and dots. Put the suitable signs according to the pronunciation, which appears in italics.

פריס   Paris

קיבל    kibel  ( received )

 קפיטריה   Cafiterya ( cafeteria )

זית    zayit (olive)

חביתה– chavita  (pancake)

 התעלף   – hit alef  (fainted)

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