Migration of Birds Over Israel 

Migration of Birds Over Israel

Israel is considered an important part in the birds’ migration route from Africa to Europe. Every migration season, approximately half a billion birds pass over Israel.
Israel’s location, the meeting point between Europe and Africa, is attractive to the birds.
The birds need dry land, and the route over Israel is the shortest path.
The birds fly over dry land because they need warm air to push them upward. This way they don’t need to move their wings as much.
This warm air is only found above dry land.
There are also smaller birds, who don’t glide and soar but constantly flap their wings. While they don’t need the warm air to push them upward to save their strength, they need the land so they can take breaks and rest during their long journey.

The best place for these birds as they pass through Israel is Hula Lake Park. There they have everything they need. Every evening during migration season, tens of thousands of birds of various types land and rest at the lake. It almost looks as if the birds are following a landing pattern at an airport. Each bird descends perfectly when it’s their turn, as if a traffic control tower was organizing it.




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