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HebrewToday is a family-owned publication house that has been operating for over 30 years. Our staff consists of a long list of experienced people from the fields of education, linguistics, journalism, and administration.
In addition to our staff, and in order to reach the goal of publishing the best possible newspapers, our staff consults with professional educators and Hebrew teachers from the Ministry of Education as well as the Jewish Agency. People from these organizations are happy to share their experience and provide their perspective, helping us to produce the best possible newspapers.
We also initiate meetings with Hebrew teachers around the globe, subscribers to our newspapers, in order to get their feedback on the content of our publications and to hear about their students’ needs.


Editorial Staff

Chief Editor – Yigal Tzadka

Yigal Tzadka was born and raised in Jerusalem. He studied Archeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and worked as a tour guide in Jerusalem and other places in Israel. He has been involved in various fields of study including the History of the Jewish people and in teaching the Hebrew language.
In addition, Yigal has been working in Journalism, covering events in Jerusalem and has provided political and social consulting services to senior politicians and political parties.
Yigal Tzadka’s combined experience in journalism, love for the Hebrew language and vast knowledge in Judaism and Jewish History are some of the elements that led him to establish the HebrewToday publishing house. The newspapers “Bereshit” and “Yanshuf” provide a perfect platform for the benefit of those wishing to learn Hebrew while gaining knowledge about Israeli culture and the rich Jewish tradition.
Yigal and his wife, Liora, founded HebrewToday that has been serving hundreds of thousands of readers around the globe for over 30 years.


General Manager- Liora Tzadka 

In her position as general manager, Liora is responsible for the smooth operation of the company, making sure subscribers get their papers in time and solving various administrative issues.
Liora and Yigal Tzadka manage the company together and their teamwork creates a positive atmosphere, influencing the entire editorial staff.

Linguistic Editor – Orly Kihaly 

Orly is the language editor for our easy newspapers in Hebrew. She is a graduate of the Hebrew grammar and linguistics studies department at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
In her position as linguistic editor, Orly is responsible for the proper phrasing, punctuation and grammatical accuracy of all content in our newspapers. She is also responsible for finding word replacements for difficult words in our easy Hebrew publications.

Graphic Designer – Nechama Levine 

Nechama has been with the HebrewToday publication house for over 15 years as our graphic designer. During this period, her contribution has been immeasurable in designing newspapers that make it easy for readers to find their way around. This is especially important for people attempting to read a newspaper in a foreign language. As someone who emigrated from the USA, Nechama is well-aware of the difficulties in learning a new language, and adds valuable input regarding translation and transliteration, along with her creative and professional skills.

New Media – Stav Mor 

At the HebrewToday.com website, we provide our customers with different ways to learn the Hebrew language. Besides the dozens of easy Hebrew videos and hundreds of articles about Israel in English and Hebrew, the HebrewToday website has a strong social media presence that accompanies it. We manage a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and even a Pinterest under the name Hebrew Today. These interactions with our readers allow us to better understand the needs of our students who are learning Hebrew. This helps us tweak our easy-Hebrew products to make them more effective, as well as create other useful products. Stav is responsible for this wonderful social media presence and discovering what our readers really want. Stav has a teaching degree and is also a professional tour guide. She brings her knowledge to the job and works towards producing the best, most interesting learning products for students of the Hebrew language.

Proofreader – Zvia Vinner 

Until she joined the HebrewToday team, Ms. Vinner worked in the field of education as a school teacher. In this capacity, she also taught new immigrants and developed various methodologies in teaching the Hebrew language. At HebrewToday Ms. Vinner is responsible for proofing the newspapers, making sure that the Hebrew level fits the readers’ level, and that the text follows our proven model of repeating new words, using specific vocabulary, etc.


All HebrewToday writers are native Hebrew speakers. Having served in the Israeli Defense Force, they are well immersed in the Israeli society. Our writers are highly experienced and dedicated to the unique challenge of producing journalistic coverage of stories and events in simple Hebrew.


Our translators are native English speakers who have immigrated to Israel sometime between 2 and 30 years ago. Their contribution to the newspaper is not only in the literal translation but also in their personal perspective as new immigrants who have learned Hebrew as a second language.


Marketing and Administration

Marketing Manager– Ilan Tzadka 

Ilan joined the editorial staff of the easy-Hebrew newspapers online in a part-time position. After graduating from the Business Management and Law School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he became a full-time member of the HebrewToday editorial staff. In his position as Marketing Manager, Ilan meets with teachers and school principals who provide priceless feedback and requests regarding the product they would like to receive. Ilan’s mission is to make sure that these requests are implemented and that subscribers renew their subscription year after year.

Customer Service and Translation – Chana Simon Harbater 

Chana Simon Harbater is our representative for customers of Bereshit and Yanshuf. Chana, an Olah Chadasha (new immigrant) herself, also translates the dictionaries for both newspapers, and much more. Additionally, Chana helps manage the website HebrewToday.com including the online newspapers and the courses for learning the Hebrew alphabet. Thanks to Chana’s skills, our website and publications are greatly enriched.

Distribution – Shuly Bunjack 

Ms. Bunjack is responsible for the air-mail distribution of our publications through the Israeli postal service, making sure that subscribers receive their newspapers in a timely manner.


Pedagogical Advisor – Dr. Shlomo Tzidkiyahu 

Dr. Tzidkiyahu has been involved in education and teaching of education for several decades. His work focuses on developing extra-curricular content in schools, such as: educating for democracy, dignity and freedom, teachers’ and parents’ status in schools, crisis management and resolving conflicts in the field of education.
Dr. Tzidkiyahu has written several books on education and has gained his experience in journalism writing for several Israeli newspapers and editing a publication on behalf of the Ministry of Education. He also served as an envoy for the Jewish Agency in South Africa and England and was responsible for overseeing all Jewish Agency representatives in Europe.
Dr. Tzidkiyahu’s experience in both journalism and education and his ability to synthesize the two fields is an invaluable contribution to the Hebrew Today publications.


Journalistic Advisor – Dr. Shaul Tzadka 

Dr. Tzadka, an expert in journalism and communication, provides consultation services to the editorial staff regarding the suitability of current news items, Hebrew news and other content for our readers.


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