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Professions in Hebrew: Where do professional titles come from?

One of the interesting things in the Hebrew language is the clear connection between the word and the role it serves. The Hebrew language, which is based on roots, teaches the reader about the text from the context of the word itself. This is actually one of the keys to understanding and reading the Hebrew Language.

In the Hebrew language, professions often derive from the place where the person works or the things they work with.


For example, a חַקְלַאי (chak’lai) farmer.

He works in חַקְלָאוּת (chak’la’ut) farming, agriculture.


Here you can find a few other examples:
A דַפָּס (dapas) printer

works in the דְפוּס (d’fus) printing industry.


An עִיתוֹנַאי (ee’tonai) journalist

works for an עִיתוֹן (eeton) newspaper.


A מַחְסְנַאי (machsa’nai) stockkeeper

works in a מַחְסָן (machsan) stockroom.


A כּוֹבְעָן (kov’an) milliner

works with כּוֹבַעִים (kova’im) hats.


A סַפְרָן (safran) librarian

works in a סִפְרִייָה (sifri’ya) library.


And רַפְתָנִים (raftanim) dairy farmers

work in רְפָתוֹת (refatot) cowsheds.



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