Professions in Hebrew

Where do professional titles come from?

In Hebrew, they often derive from the place where the person works, or the things they work with.


For example, a חַקְלַאי (chak’lai) farmer.

He works in חַקְלָאוּת (chak’la’ut) farming, agriculture.


Here are a few other examples:
A דַפָּס (dapas) printer

works in the דְפוּס (d’fus) printing industry.


An עִיתוֹנַאי (ee’tonai) journalist

works for an עִיתוֹן (eeton) newspaper.


A מַחְסְנַאי (machsa’nai) stockkeeper

works in a מַחְסָן (machsan) stockroom.


A כּוֹבְעָן (kov’an) milliner

works with כּוֹבַעִים (kova’im) hats.


A סַפְרָן (safran) librarian

works in a סִפְרִייָה (sifri’ya) library.


And רַפְתָנִים (raftanim) dairy farmers

work in רְפָתוֹת (refatot) cowsheds.



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