Temples and Holiness

Let’s look at the phrase בֵּית הַמִקְדָשׁ (Beit HaMikdash) the Holy Temple.

The word מִקְדָשׁ comes from the root letters ק-ד-ש.


Here are several more words that are derived from the same root:


מַקְדִישׁ (makdish) dedicates, when a person devotes something for a special purpose.

הַקְדָשָׁה (hakdasha) dedication, assigning or devoting something for a particular purpose. It may be an inscription in a book, the building of a house, or even this newspaper that we devote to the study of the Hebrew language.

הוּקְדַשׁ (hukdash) was dedicated

קְדוֹשִׁים (k’doshim) holy (pl)

קְדוּשָׁה (kedusha) holiness.


This is also the name of an important part in the Jewish prayers.

קַדִישׁ (kaddish) the Mourner’s Prayer. Said in honor of a person who died.

קִידוּשׁ (kiddush) The blessing said over the wine before the Sabbath or holiday meal.

קִידוּשִׁין (kiddushin) The Jewish wedding ceremony, which is sanctified by special blessings.


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