The 30-Second Trick For Hebrew Vocabulary

In order to learn Hebrew Vocabulary you must be committed and ready to invest much time and effort over an extended period of time. Nonetheless, there are always some easy and quick tricks that may help you on your way.  “The 30-Second Trick For Hebrew Vocabulary” is one of these tricks which can help you easily and quickly build your Hebrew vocabulary.


What you need:

This trick requires you to have a dependable Hebrew-English dictionary. Make sure to also have a stop-watch at hand or a clock with a second hand nearby so that you can see it.


What you do:

It is very simple to perform “The 30-Second Trick For Hebrew Vocabulary”. Take your Hebrew-English dictionary and make your stop-watch start running or check the clock to keep track of your 30 seconds. During these critical 30 seconds, your job is to go through the Hebrew-English dictionary, opening pages at random, picking as many words and writing them down as possible. Once the 30 seconds are up, go over your list and make sure that everything was written clearly and correctly. It is ideal to write the word in Hebrew to simultaneously improve your Hebrew language writing skills, and make sure to include the translation (in your native language). Once you go back, it may also be helpful to add the word in a transliterated form so that you know how to pronounce it correctly. This will help you improve your Hebrew pronunciation, as well.



After you’ve reviewed your list and made sure everything’s clear, the real learning begins! Throughout the day or the next few days keep your list handy and review it when you can. Set a time limit for yourself to learn all the words you have written down, preferably a relatively short period, like a day or two. Try and use the words in sentences. As you progress, try and add more words each time you perform “The 30-Second Trick For Hebrew Vocabulary”. You will be amazed by how quickly you can improve your Hebrew vocabulary, especially if you use this trick with other methods of learning Hebrew, improving Hebrew grammar, and improving Hebrew fluency!




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    How do you read the following word?

    Which of the following words is not plural?

    Complete the sentence:
    אני ________ את הספר על השולחן

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