Yom HaSho’ah – Holocaust Remembrance Day

יוֹם הַשׁוֹאָה  (Yom HaSho’ah)

Holocaust Remembrance Day

זִיכָּרוֹן בַּסָלוֹן (Zikaron BaSalon)
Memory in the Livingroom

In recent years, events in Israel that commemorate the Holocaust, have taken on more personal characteristics. In the past, the emphasis was on the overwhelming number of people murdered, and the communities that were wiped out; these days, individuals’ stories are being highlighted.
People learn about the contributions of the European Jewish people to the countries they lived in, about the personal lives of individuals who were murdered, and about the inspiring stories of those who survived.

On this day, Knesset members read out the names of their family members who were killed at a special ceremony in the Israeli parliament.

Over the last few years, a project called Zikaron BaSalon (memory in the living room) was started and it is one of the more emotional projects available. Families invite a Holocaust survivor into their homes, and together with friends and neighbors, they hear his or hers personal experience during the Holocaust.

These personal stories have been found to have a strong effect on those listening. Many say they gain a better, more authentic understanding of the Holocaust, as opposed to hearing big numbers that are hard to fathom and relate to.

Sadly, the number of Holocaust survivors dwindles from year to year. The vast majority of those sharing their stories were children during the war.
It’s imperative that we listen to their stories while we still can, and never forget…

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